Mobiconf 2020 Speaker Terms & Conditions

Event audio/video recording, photography and live transcript

During the conference, meetings, and party, photographs may be taken by the hosts/organizers for use in their publications or other promotional material. In addition, all the sessions are subject to video and audio recording for webcasting and archival purposes. By attending the sessions, you agree to allow the Organizers and other entities including but not limited to, local organizers, hosts, co-hosts, and supporting organizations, the unrestricted right, and permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish, and republish video and/or audio recordings, photographs, presentations or pictures of you or those in which you may be included. Also, live transcript services will be provided in some sessions. Due to the inherent difficulties in capturing a live speaker’s words, it is possible transcripts may contain errors and mistranslations. The appointed Scribers and the Organisers accept no liability for any event or action resulting from the content of the transcripts.

Privacy Policy

The personal information supplied in connection with speaking at Mobiconf will be held by Miquido according to the rules as set out in the Privacy Policy.

Talks at Mobiconf 2020

Talks should be 45 minutes long (including the time for questions) and given in English. The organizer is responsible for the Mobiconf 2020 schedule and will choose the day and time for your presentation. We encourage you to use the conference’s presentation template, which is available in the Media Kit section. 

General rules of Call for Papers submissions

Mobiconf will happen on 1-2 October 2020, at Multikino in Krakow, Poland. The audience consists of mobile developers, UI/UX designers, CTOs, and managers.

There is no limit to the number of call for papers submissions sent by one person. The submission should have your personal details, talk title, technical description of your talk (abstract), speaking experience (links to videos, and conferences where you have given your talks), and specified knowledge level (rookie/dev/pro). The Call for Papers submission is free of charge.

I understand and accept that the Organizer doesn’t cover any travel costs.

The organizer may cover hotel cost if you are an individual speaker (not representing your company). If you want to apply for hotel stay support, please contact the organizer before you submit your talk.


  • Call for Papers ends on 31 June 2020
  • all candidates will get a feedback at the beginning of July 2020


As a Mobiconf speaker, you will receive a full conference pass for free, you will be able to attend exclusive dinner, Krakow’s sightseeing, and you will take part in Mobiconf 2020 Top Speaker Awards.

A scope of the Call for Papers proposals:

Your talk should be focused on mobile apps performance, quality assurance, UI and UX best practices, apps architecture, interesting case studies, cross-platform solutions, useful frameworks, mobile apps development processes. Big Data, Machine Learning, AI apps, Project Management and leadership. 

The review process of Call for Papers submissions:

Talks should be about open source of free solutions (commercial talks will be rejected). If you want to give a talk about a commercial solution, then contact us to order a sponsorship package. We review talks as they come, so the feedback should be soon after the final call at the beginning of July, we will inform you about the status of your submission.

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