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After close consultation and consideration with our founders and organizers, we have decided to take up the challenge to replace Mobiconf with smaller yet more targeted events. Read more

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As we learned together in the course of Mobiconf’s organization, great things happen when the community comes together and connects in goodwill. For this reason, we fully intend to host and develop Miquido events, such as AI Waves, Meet&Lead, QA Fest and Halo Design. We want to thank all our attendees and partners for their presence, support, and open discussions over the past years.

Having spent the last several years preparing the conference together with our speakers, sponsors, and event partners was an incredible experience. We’re genuinely grateful for everything we could do to meet with our amazing attendees every October in Kraków.

Let’s stay connected, and hopefully, see you very shortly! Hide

About Mobiconf

For the past few years, Mobiconf has focused on mobile development and UI/UX design, connecting developers and designers during a two-day conference in Kraków. This year, as the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over, we are coming back online.

During the conference, we’ll be exploring three paths: iOS, Android and Everything Mobile.

About Mobiconf

What’s new?

We’re putting the UI/UX Design path on hold. Nevertheless, in the forthcoming edition, the Everything Mobile track will cover talks about leadership and business.

What’s good?

As we can’t benefit fully from the offline conference, we decided to spread the goodness and donate money from ticket sales to a great cause. 20 euros from every sold ticket will go to the Sarigato Foundation for the “Hakersi” project. Hakersi aim to shape the better future of children and teenagers from orphanages, care institutions, and community centers by teaching new technologies and developing digital competence.

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